“Autonomy” and “Transparency” – Keeping these two in minds, the MCC have been constituted to strive for better performances in moot related events and for an increased and active participation of students in moot competitions. Opportunity has always been the best forte of KLE and this committee is constituted to provide better facilitation to students participating in moots conducted in or outside the college. The main aim of the committee is to replace the cumbrous process of moot participation in a simple one to encourage participation in moot competitions and thrive for success in its future endeavours.


Protocol for the Panel

  • Hold the initial screening on the announced date.
  • Subsequent rounds may be held, while the dates for the same shall be communicated to the  MCC Member, designated to that specific moot.
  • Strict adherence to the scoring criteria for selection decisions.
  • After the screening, the Panel shall revert to the Designated MCC Member with the score sheets.

Protocol for the Candidates

  • The Candidates shall appear in formals within the designated time window.
  • There shall be no extension or change on the date of screening.
  • Only individual participation for screenings will be allowed.
  • The candidate must satisfy the requirement of a minimum of 50% attendance at the time of screening for an event.
  • The score sheets shall be available to the candidates after the screening process has been completed. 
  • Keep in constant communication with the MCC Member, designated to the specific moot for updates.
  • After registering for a screening, not turning up for the same shall amount to disqualification for subsequent 2 Moots. Provided that there is no sufficient cause for the same.
  • The candidate may raise a dispute with the screening procedure with the Members of the MCC, and the situation shall be subject to review.
  • In an instance where a single member has turned up for the screening; the screening would not take place as a team will not be able to constituted.

For Designated Team Manager

  • A member will be assigned with moot as soon as invitation arrives.
  • Members assigned with moot are handed with the responsibility of arranging the screening on the day and time it is decided to be held.
  • Members are required to submit the score sheet of screening to one of the conveners. 
  • If there is any subsequent round of screening, assigned member is required to arrange it on the day decided by the Panel.
  • The Member allotted a team shall take up a passive role for the entire process, from being selected all the up to the team making Post – Moot submissions to MCC. 

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