Post Moot Submissions

Congratulations! You must have participated in a Moot Court competition by now. We request you to fill the form below to help us help you with wrapping up the entire thing. There are a few simple steps for you to follow. Fill in the specifics about the participants and the details of the Moot. Keep your certificates and reimbursement details ready at hand. Upload the necessary documents and you’re good to go. Please note that filling this form does not imply that your work for closure of the Moot court account with the library and the reimbursement procedure is done. This form will only be used for record purposes of MCC. However, MCC will be assisting you with the formalities.

Click here to fill the Post-Moot form.

You can fill this form only by signing in using your college email id ( If the form is not opening, then try logging in to your college email id in the “Incognito Window” (which you can open by pressing Cntrl+Shift+N) then open the form in that window.