The MCC Team

“Believes that a creative mind of an individual is capable of solving issues – as primitive or as futuristic it may seem”.
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Having participated in national level moots, Niharika has a good hold at research and drafting. Team Work is her forte.
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Dynamic. Spontaneous. Calm and patient.
Have participated in 2 National Moot Court competitions,
An avid reader and is always interested in meeting new people and hearing their stories.
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“Believes that an identity of the individual can be determined through the work ethic; while keeping her work ethic at the highest level with a sense of ease”
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Bibliophile. Speaker. Writer. Poetess. Feminist.
“Grit is the constant refusal to quit during the most aphotic of times”
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Sushmithaa believes that “A dream dosen’t become reality throughMagic, it takes sweat, determination, perseverance and hard work to fulfill it.”This belief has enabled her to participate in various Moots and gain knowledge and experience in this journey.
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Always calm and patient, Manasvi believes that the answer at the end of the book, is to start reading it.
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Independent and strong willed.
Believes that one might think they are not good enough, but they’ll surprise themselves if they keep trying.
“What defines us is how well we rise after falling and never be afraid of being different, but instead be afraid of being the same way as everyone.”
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Having the thought of serving the society, Yashwanth believes that law is a dynamic career which helps him to perform good deeds.
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She believes in making things work out with one’s own dedication, determination and duty bound.
Work has always been about worshipping it for Simpy as long as one aspires to do with a “never giving up” attitude.
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Good listener, supportive, reliable, thinks from various perspectives.
“Fate doesn’t decide your future. You, by your conduct, write your own future!”
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Confident. Eloquent. Quick Witted with an Artistic side.
“She remembered who she was, then the game changed”
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A Meticulous Researcher. Diligent. Benevolent.
“Has Infinite Capacity for Calming Turbulent Seas”
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Eloquent. Compassionate. A Good Listener. An Ambivert. A Writer.
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