Welcome to the MCC Website

The MCC website is a platform to exchange information regarding moots and for communication between students and the committee regarding their grievances relating to anything in reference to moot and to answer their queries regarding moot competitions, screening, scores, selection process, registration process, etc. All the opportunities relating to moot competitions will be posted on the MCC website. Students who are interested in screening of any posted moot competition will have to fill the Screening Registration form available on the website. The registering candidate will need to comply with the minimum requirement of having 50% attendence on the date of registering for the screening. The committee will announce screening dates and the list of selected candidates with score sheet on the Website. Students having any grievance related to screening or moot can reach out to us by filling the Dispute Resolution Form available on the website. After completion of a moot, students are required to fill a Post-Moot Form mentioning their experience, achievements and uploading the documents of moot, i.e., memorials, certificates and picture of the team attending valedictory function. Students will have to upload all these documents in the Post Moot Form to receive an NOC from the committee, without which the reimbursement will not be processed. Students can contact committee members for queries, if any, during the online process.